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Offering effective sales & marketing solutions for all education brands

Outsourcing projects to LV Media can help to achieve goals, reduce cost and deliver results.

LV Media offers a full range of flexible services to help brand awareness, promotion & recruitment.

AI-driven 24/7 customer service tool

LV Educational Chatbot

Be responsive 24/7, deliver marketing messages, improve engagement with potential students and generate more leads for better conversion.

Learn English In Network

Content Creation

We create flexible packages of consistent, strategic and relevant content and assess results. We can simply deliver content, or manage output channels for you.

High-quality promotional videos and photography

Video and Photography

We create full educator promotional videos, or shorter student experiential films to highlight your business or location via online channels.

Branding projects, logo design and design of marketing materials.

Design & Branding

We complete branding projects, creating new or refreshed logos, design promotional brochures, banners or other required marketing collateral.

Responsive Websites and Mobile Apps for the Education Industry

Education Websites

We audit existing websites and also design and produce new, modern & impactful websites for better user experience and brand promotion.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We review existing social activity and make recommendations for better engagement across existing channels. Combine this service with content creation.

Influencer Tours

Influencer Tours

Welcome a famous influencer to promote your business and receive visual media to celebrate the event and engage with potential students.

Speak to thousands of potential students in various markets

Student Recruitment

We can engage with thousands of potential students online using creative, targeted multi-language engagement campaigns. In-country representation also available.

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LV Media is a one-stop shop for schools, colleges or universities to connect with students more effectively and to improve media and solve existing problems.

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