Agent Recruitment

Improve your existing network of agents or establish your business in new markets

How we help you

We know it can be both costly and time consuming attending events to engage agents for your school, college or University. Why not leave the work to us? Whether to establish your business in new markets or simply promote a particular programme, we can put your message in front of thousands of segmented agencies. We will identify who is interested, engage, convert and even follow up on your behalf.

Agent recruitment campaigns can be successful with the right planning. Access our large network of agents covering the key markets worldwide in student travel. Creative and engaging campaigns work well and can bring clear ROI.

Agent Recruitment

What we do


Get your message in front of qualified agencies in a simple but engaging way.

We create campaigns on your behalf to link with agencies based on your specific needs, including your location(s) and/or programme profile.

Your message will be distributed through various mediums including e-mail marketing, social media and online content & digital advertising in an engaging way. Our projects include instant experience landing pages, videos, virtual tours or even direct contact by LV.

Lead Generation and Follow up

We will use our bespoke campaigns to generate qualified leads on your behalf. Connections will be made with agencies interested in your business, your products and your location. You can choose to follow up with them to secure new business, or we can even do that for you.


Our campaigns are a simple, but effective way to put your message in front of qualified agencies.

We provide metrics and an easy to understand report that will make the campaign results and ROI clear.

We don’t get involved in commission payments. Our agent recruitment campaigns just include an agreed one-off fee for the service provided.


Hear from our


Mackenzie School of EnglishMackenzie School of English

Chris Moonie

Mackenzie School of English

We see the benefit from promotional work via the LearnEnglishIn & SummerSchoolsIn networks.The addition of the SummerSchoolsIn brand is now also focusing on promoting our junior programmes worldwide.

It is also great to have various other services the LV Media Hub team can offer using their significant industry experience. They are also a fun group to work with.

We welcomed a Brazilian social media influencer, which brought great attention to our new adult school and we know that LV are there with a variety of other media options should we need them.

Regardless of when that is, they are busily promoting Scotland and Mackenzie School of English to the LV audiences which continue to grow due to the content they are creating online.’


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