Content Marketing – What to do during the Coronavirus Pandemic


During the current time when the Covid-19 pandemic continues to develop and we are all self-isolating, it is vital to continue to communicate effectively.

Your alumni and your existing student population are hungry for interaction with you.

It is also very important to continue your efforts to connect with those who may be your future students.

Create Engaging Content

By creating and delivering consistent and engaging content to communicate with your followers, you have a great opportunity to stay connected attract new audiences over the following weeks and months.

Potential students and their parents are all using the Internet more than ever, so it is a great time to deliver your key messages and connect during these challenging times in order to foster trust in your brand.

Content marketing is not only creating and distributing the content. It should be an overall strategy that helps you to attract and engage with a clearly defined audience and deliver relevant information to generate business when the world returns to normal.

Content should be created about your responses to the pandemic, your new online provision and regular content for increased brand awareness (your business, your location, your facilities etc.)

Educators should use their websites, social media channels, blogs, direct email marketing and SMS instant messaging where possible.

Covid-19 News

Your current students, parents, your staff and your online community will all appreciate clear communication regarding your strategy for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Your plans will have changed even in the past few days so let your online audiences know what you are doing now and when you create and implement new plans.

Effectively communicating now will maintain and improve brand awareness and develop real trust with your followers.

WSE (Wimbledon School of English) set up a clear Covid-19 update section in the body of their school homepage. This allows clear and adaptable messages to be easily located and understood by students (existing or prospect)

Similarly, the University of North Alabama have inserted a prominent section at the top of their homepage with an eye-catching CTA.

Promote Online Tuition

Many educators will have students currently studying online after some fantastic work by IT and academic staff to create a space where tuition may continue.

Don’t forget to communicate this consistently online. EC English are known for providing classroom-based tuition across the globe and they have quickly and effectively taken studies online with the launch of EC Virtual.

Other providers such as International House Bristol have moved online using well-known online platforms to allow for their academics to maintain teaching during our enforced isolation.

Others such as International House London have cleverly combined Coronavirus news together with the announcement of their successful online tuition.

This period of time is also ideal for you to reconsider the effectiveness of your website. Why not have your website or social media activity audited by a specialist?

Use Social Media

It is vital to use your social media channels to effectively provide Covid-19 updates and details of your online provision and to give pandemic updates to existing students.

It is equally important at this time to consistently communicate with them to foster a sense of community and belonging. We are all missing each other and thirsty for interaction online.

As Grandparents learn to use Skype and people download ‘House Party’ apps for their mobile phones, it is clear that we all need to feel connected.

Your students will naturally feel isolated so make an effort to consistently post on social media. The more communication, the more engagement, the more growth in your online populations.

Blog Content & Articles

This is a great way to remain connected. LILA* used their Blog to tell followers how things have changed in the past 2 weeks. The effective use of images showing their move online:

ATC Language Schools have supplied a consistent stream of suggestions on Twitter for their students regarding learning apps to try while students are staying home.

Similarly, CES has used Twitter to promote their excellent online provision with snippet videos and video messages from staff being supportive and offering well wishes to all of their followers.

After a weekend of ‘House Parties’ and watching musicians live on Facebook, why not arrange an activity for your students to join in with during lockdown? LILA* arranged a pub quiz.

We'll be hosting our first online Pub Quiz on Saturday, 7pm!Students, join LILA* Online or contact Fergus at for details 😊

Posted by LILA Liverpool on Friday, March 27, 2020

EC again promoted their move online with EC Virtual via Facebook with excellent likes and shares.

We’re proud to launch #ECVirtual to students all around the world, 24 hours a day!Our online learning platform is…

Posted by EC English Language Centres on Thursday, March 26, 2020

Educators have also been effectively using Instagram to equally to update students regarding the pandemic, make great suggestions for things to do during #lockdown and engage with potential students.

DCU gave out accommodation updates:

Stafford House staff made some great suggestions to their students for what to watch on Netflix using the hashtag #netflix&share

Equally, our friends at Ontario Tech University use IG to send a warm message to students.

WESLI have also used Instagram to promote the effective move to online classes with well thought out hashtags and a great image.

You should use content marketing to position the business to provide a consistent experience for your established audience.

Your content marketing channels can also improve your website’s Google ranking and promote a great brand image.

So much great work by educators has turned online and so much support is being offered to existing students which will be impressive to those who have not yet made a decision on location or course yet.

Use this downtime to remind everyone of your brand, what you are doing in these challenging times, but equally what potential students can look forward to when we are back to normal. Face-to-face tuition will remain the preference owing to the fact that the overall life experience of language education travel.

What remains unique about your location? What courses are you offering? What courses are you now offering online? Give advice for lockdown. Have live events on Facebook.

Your ‘Owned media’ is made up of digital marketing channels that you have complete control over (your website, social media accounts, email campaigns like newsletters, blogs etc.).

Improving these channels during the pandemic will have a direct impact on any paid advertising campaigns you do later on. This will also help to generate ‘earned media’ for your business such as shares, comments, and retweets.

Owned media are your building blocks as you have control, you can manage the reach with targeted campaigns. Content created that aims to rank for specific keywords can build your reach quicker than other forms of media.

Your content also has longevity as it doesn’t disappear, and it is also free to use which is great in the current climate.

LV is here to help. If you would like assistance in communicating with current or future students during the COVID-19 pandemic, or even use this time to audit your current website and social media channels, our online clinics are ideal for practical suggestions with regards your website, SEO and social media channels.


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