Does length matter for your school, college or University video content?


Video is, without doubt, the undisputed King of online content. Customers are relying more and more on visual content when considering which countries to visit or which language schools or Universities to choose for their study abroad programme.

Videos offer your audiences content that can be quickly and easily digested across many channels from your own website and social media and viewed easily on mobile or other devices.

The common view describes the issue of the average consumer having a shorter attention span than a goldfish! 

As a result, recent video marketing within the education industry has tended to tailored video content accordingly. It is reported that over 55% of all published videos in the last year were in the 2-minutes or less category.

It is also suggested that almost 70% of video viewers will watch promotional videos if they are less than 60-seconds in length, but only 25% will finish a video that is over 10-minutes long. 

Educational Video Length

Following this trend, should education businesses keep all video content below this 120-second limit?

We don’t believe it is that simple, and when making an investment in school or University educational videos it is important to consider the platform where this content is to be used and also how people behave when they are using these channels.

So, what is the best practice for businesses in international education with regards to social media?

Here are some suggested tips and guidelines.


Educational video content should perhaps be less than 2-minutes (ideally between 30 and 90 seconds) as engagement with viewers drops a lot for longer visual posts.

What attracts people is fun and informative video content that is easy to understand and personalised.

These Facebook posts will autoplay first without sound and so it is vital to consider the opening visuals.

Video should also be uploaded rather than posting links to YouTube, as Facebook will prioritise this. Language schools and Universities with good Facebook engagement often replace simple cover photos with a short a school or University video, or swap a profile picture with a short video or an animated GIF.


Instagram applies a maximum 1-minute length on video content with the ideal being around 30-seconds.

Many well-engaged language schools and Universities understand that Instagram is visual so video content that immediately captures interest should be used.

Time-lapse videos are popular (try Hyperlapse) and it is important to use loads of relevant hashtags so potential students can discover you easily.


With over 2 billion users currently and 81% of 15-25-year olds using it, YouTube is a very powerful way for education businesses to engage with potential students looking to learn English in English-speaking countries.

All education businesses should make sure that all good quality video content is uploaded, and a library is developed with educational video content that shows variety in length.

These are for instant engagement but don’t forget to also include more in-depth demonstration videos, or videos featuring your real students describing their experience with you.

Each visitor spends an average of 11m 24secs per day on YouTube and be aware that only around 30% of popular videos are actually in English, so student testimonials in their own language with subtitles are great.

Language schools and Universities also need to consider where their educational video content will be used outside social media channels. 

Education Website Videos

These will ideally be high quality and around 30-60 seconds in length for the best engagement.

These should be used as ‘teasers’ for students interested in studying English abroad.

If you have educational video content in bite-sized ‘chunks’ that focus on important aspects during the buying process, you should be able to visually describe why an English language student might opt for your location, get a great education from your courses and enjoy your facilities and accommodation options.

Leave them wanting more and being able to source it on your site via LiveChat, a customer service ChatBot for out of hours and to access contact forms easily.

Educational Landing Page Videos 

If you have invested in landing pages for lead generation then you should consider these when creating educational video content.

Short 30-60 second videos will be more than enough as over a third of people will bounce away from video content longer than 30 seconds.

It is suggested that including video increases conversion rates by 80%. If you do opt for this form of educational video marketing, then always make sure of positioning above the ‘fold’ so visitors see it immediately.

Educational Email Marketing Video 

These should ideally be less than a minute in length. Always remember that the subject choice should have the word ‘video’ included as this will help with the open rates.

Education Promotional ‘Testimonial’ style Video

These are ideally short and concise and will feature ‘real’ students in real school or University settings and be between 1 and 2 minutes in length.

You can film several different ‘topics’ to cover different aspects of your business which can be used to provide potential students with quality content and even help your agents to promote the business. 0-120 secs.

Implies intent for the viewer to learn about the school or University. These should always be potentially mixed together for longer content as necessary.

Educational Video Choice

We are certain that a one-size-fits-all video content plan doesn’t work, and that consideration should be given to your channels, and your audiences behaviour on the channels when you invest in educational video projects.

Creating longer and shorter bite-sized video content together does not have to be very expensive. The filming can be done in one visit.

Ideally a good educational video provider will offer ‘sweet shop’ options for long and short filming to suit needs, marketing channels and your budget.

Make sure you agree on the exact production specifics (number of short testimonials, full educational promotional video etc) and be aware that they will film lots but use only the best quality footage.

Make sure you understand exactly what will be delivered for the fee.

Also make sure that filming will have non-static options, like moving camera and drone footage capture. The film crew needs to be agile to cover not only the school building or University campus, but also accommodation, your local neighbourhood and culture, plus your unique social programme activities.

And if you need help, we are here for you. Ask a question, share what you have been doing for your school, college or university video content, or even better, share your plans for 2020!


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