First industry-wide English Language Teaching training in over 10 years comes to South Africa!


A combined effort of National Geographic Learning, EAQUALs, the University of Cape Town and EduSA brought about one of the first large-scale, professional development events in English Language Teaching in over a decade to Cape Town.

Last week, over 70 teachers gave up their public holiday to attend the ELT educational forum for a morning of professional development sessions in the beautiful setting of Hiddingh Hall at the University of Cape Town.

The theme for the day was DISRUPTING TRADITIONAL VIEWS IN ELT: an inclusive approach to teaching English in South Africa.  Speakers included Alex Warren (National Geographic Learning)who spoke on Developing successful English language learners for the 21st Century, and Warren Lilley (UCT ELC) whose talk Exploring (dis)ruptures in ELT: Navigating towards a pathway for an inclusive ELT in South Africa flowed neatly into the discussion that followed.

The lively Q and A covered topics such as EFL and its relevance alongside plurilingualism, decolonisation and relevance to ELT, critical engagement in addition to critical thinking, localisation of content and globalised markets and the changing face of ELT globally relating to International English and global trends.

It is fair to say it was an energising and inspiring event that left the delegates with much to take away. Rhoda van Schalkwyk, English School Manager, Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town commented ‘It was such a reward to have “lost” a holiday but have gained so much insight and very valuable networking’.

Lou McLaughlin, Executive Director Eaquals said ‘Eaquals was delighted to have participated in such a worthwhile event which highlighted the wealth of knowledge and expertise in the language teaching sector in Cape Town and the keen interest for the further development of quality standards within the industry there’.

Michael Cummings, Sales Manager, NGL said ‘This event had a really special buzz about it that reflected the exciting, modern and vibrant ELT sector found in Cape Town and across South Africa. Local participants in attendance were inspiring, knowledgeable and forward-thinking, demonstrating a finger on the pulse of global ELT trends. We hope this is the first of many more similar events in South Africa.’


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