How technology can help you improve your English during your course abroad


Thanks to the digital world, many English language schools use technology in the classroom to make the learning process better and easier.
Access to tablets and smartphones in the classroom enables the creation of more interesting and dynamic classes and allows students to practice the language and expand their vocabulary.

The use of cameras, apps, videos and social networks promotes student interaction, makes classes more fun and engaging. Future Learning is a leader in using technology, offering a number of exchange programs in Ireland, such as Mini Stays and Summer School in Athlone and Sligo. Technology is used in classrooms to present various opportunities for contact and use of English in a dynamic and enjoyable way.  

Technology also allows the sharing of knowledge and experiences with other students. Here are some examples of how schools can use your smartphone to help you learn.

Correct exercises
You may be allowed to film the teacher correcting your exercises and write down any comments they make. This will help you focus on your weaknesses.

Take photo of the whiteboard
If you are paying full attention in class and didn’t have time to write down the content written by your teacher. Your smartphone can be of help in this situation. Just take a picture.

Existing mobile features
There are lots of exercises that can be done with just the camera or stopwatch on your smartphone.

Social media interaction

The teacher can propose activities related to social networks, such as sharing, doing live recordings and sharing stories during class.

Download applications

You can download applications, content and exercises to use in the classroom.


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