How to drive traffic to your website


Your school website is a main sales tool you need to turn interested clients into future students. It works for you 24/7, doesn’t take holidays and doesn’t fall ill! It is therefore important to attract as many relevant people to your site, as possible. In this article we are going to suggest ways that you can drive more traffic to your website and suggest you don’t just rely on being found organically through Google searches.

1.       Content marketing:

Already mentioned before in a previous post., it’s really important to have a content marketing strategy. This content can be in the form of videos, images or blog posts and here’s what to do with it:

a.    Re-post or re-share old posts which are still relevant, and which take viewers to your site. These can be Facebook memories or any other posts that are still relevant and interesting to share.

b.    Encourage your viewers to share your content through a competition or other incentives. This will help you reach new audiences who are more likely to visit your website as the suggestion is coming from a person they know.

c.     Boost your social media posts! If done carefully, this can help you reach the right age groups, nationalities, etc.

d.    Write guest posts or use third party sites to showcase your school.

2.       Google Ads:

There are various types of ads you can choose here, depending on what you want to feature. The ultimate goal should be to bring traffic to you and your website. To get started using Google Ads, you can click here and use the ‘Start Now’ button. Before you get any ads going, make sure you consider the strategy and the goal you have in mind!

3.       Third party sites:

You can easily use sites like Learn English In, to give you additional places for independent content about your school to be published. It is great to have a third party promoting you rather than only promoting yourself. This content should include links to pages that you want visitors to see. These sites can also provide premium ad space which you can select to send even more traffic to your website.

When trying to attract people to your website, make sure that what you promise in ads/campaigns will be accurately delivered when they do visit your site. Don’t promise a school video on an ad, only for the visitor to find a list of courses but no video when they click on the link. This will make your brand lose credibility with the audience and they are likely to ignore your future marketing efforts as a result. Be honest and be accurate.

What to consider when you have website visitors:

You should also ensure that the quality of your website is just as good as the content used for your ads and campaigns to drive people to view it. Regularly review your website. Do the images need updating? Would a new student testimonial video give the site a real ‘lift’? The site should be a reflection of you as a company.

People are more attracted to modern images and visual content than large ‘chunks’ of text, so this is a good way to draw people to your brand. These assets can also be shared with your agents and should be considered a great investment.  People will be disappointed if they click on an ad that looks fresh and modern, only to land on your website which looks outdated/tired.

Your site and its content are a vital ‘face’ of your business. You expect your staff to look presentable for visitors…. don’t forget your website!


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