How to Manage your Social Channels


We’re sure you’ve heard this before but we’re going to say it again, anyway: Having a presence on social media is extremely important in today’s world. And, having a presence on social media doesn’t just mean having a Facebook page without having a strategy for it.

Is having a Facebook page only, enough?

Simple, no it isn’t! Facebook is great and it can reach lots of people if used correctly. However, if want to reach a younger age group, you’re much better off investing your time on Instagram.

Also, think about your Facebook following. Is it dominated by your alumni?  You need to create content that engages with an audience who are yet to travel. There is no point in having a Facebook page where you are posting a social programme image once a week to ex-students.

Is video content important?

100% yes! In fact, YouTube processes 3 billion searches a month. This means that a lot of people, including those who could be your students, prefer to find information on video rather than in writing. If your school video or student testimonial videos are out of date or poor quality, this will have an impact on your sales. Investment in strong video content is money well spent.

Should I spend time on LinkedIn?

Yes, especially if you want to do B2B marketing i.e. school to agent.

We have mentioned some of the most popular social channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn) but how can you find time to manage all these channels?

You must set aside time to populate these channels, make sure you’re following the right people and being followed. If you remember one thing, remember…..Content is King. This is true now and will continue to be true in the future. Content should be good quality but can be pictures or videos taken from a mobile phone. You can also engage with companies who can create content for you.

The digital world has found ways to make our lives easier whilst letting us benefit from the ROI that these channels can give us! Here are some simple tools that can help you manage your social channels:

Hootsuite: Allows you to connect with over 35 social channels, schedule posts, find content as well as monitor the success of your posts. Takes users from planning of content for social media to customer service on these channels too.

Loomly: Provides post templates, schedules as well as trends and best practices on different channels.

These are just some of the many tools you can choose from. A simple “Social Media Management” Google search can give you endless potential options.


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