International Education Digital & Tech Conference (IEDTC) Interview


Today’s interview features Sam Bufton, Managing Director at V1 Media Group the organiser of the first International Education Digital & Tech Conference (IEDTC). We will discuss the conference and the plans for future events.

1.       Why did you decide to create IEDTC?

Digital and technological developments are happening every day. Opportunities present themselves and don’t have to be scary or necessarily drag people away from ‘day jobs’ too much or often. We have digital and tech topics usually appearing as one among various options at events in the international education industry. At V1 Media Group we believe that the area is vital for the future and should have perhaps more time dedicated to it in order to help interested people learn more from leading figures.

2.       Can you give us an overview of what the IEDTC was all about?

This conference was the first of its kind in our industry, mainly because the focus was specifically on digital and technological developments in international education.

3.       What kind of information did participants get?

The information participants received was based on digital trends that they need to take into consideration when planning their business and marketing strategy. Subjects covered were:

·       Influencer marketing

·       Augmented and virtual reality

·       Managing remote teams

·       Mobile technology

·       STEM subjects and empowering future leaders

·       Customer Relationship Management, content management and automated marketing

·       Online Learning

4.       Do you have any comments from the people who attended this event?

Everyone commented on the importance of the subjects covered because despite knowing that these things exist, very often we tend to keep putting them to the side. Participants also observed that having professionals answer their questions and explain how to use the aspects mentioned above, on a daily basis, really helped them understand that certain aspects may seem scarier than they actually are.

Caroline Karakatsani, Digital Marketing and Social Media Executive at International House London said: I had a fantastic time at IEDTC – the talks were well thought out and provided plenty of food for thought as well as room for creative inspiration. It is a conference well worth attending for those in the educational sector who want to drive their marketing forward. It is also a great opportunity to get in touch with other like-minded people in the ELT industry and network! Definitely would recommend!

5.       What are the plans for future conferences?  

We intend to create bigger and better IEDTCs in the future, with our flagship event being in January, at Royal Holloway, as it was this year. We already have offers to hold IEDTCs in various countries and we can’t rule out holding more than one a year if the location and/or the partner fits our stated aims of supporting international education in being digitally ready for the future and even leading in recruitment, teaching and delivery through technology.

6.       Who would benefit from attending such events?

Anyone in the education industry can benefit from such events; education providers, consultants and also service providers. The talks and seminars delivered kept the education industry as a whole in mind, and the speakers all had varied experience in different sectors.

If you are interested in this event or in any other digital-related aspects in the education industry, feel free to contact us on [email protected]


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