Joyful Center opening in Botswana


Some of the volunteers at Good Hope Volunteers (sister agency of Good Hope Studies) had the privilege to recently help renovate a building during their time at the Wilderness Outreach Project. They turned it into ‘The Joyful Centre’, a place for partly orphaned children and youths in Mathathane, Botswana. Its mission is to create a brighter future for those less fortunate, who have often, through tragic circumstances or HIV/AIDS, lost one or both of their parents. It provides a safe space for play, laughter and support, as well as a sense of belonging to the children. It also offers education on important matters such as nature, wildlife, environment, hygiene, English, technology, career and others.

The renovation was made possible by Good Hope Volunteers and support from the local community. The facility can host up to 45 children, which is considered a full house! 

“We are incredibly grateful to everyone having supported us; without you, the Joyful Centre would not exist!” says Isabel Wolf-Gillespie.


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