LILA* have a new student social area – ‘Strawberry Fields’.


Our member LILA* have announced the opening of their brand-new student social space, which has been named ‘Strawberry Fields’ after the popular Beatles hit, Strawberry Fields Forever.

LILA* said that the new space ‘brings the outside into LILA* and gives its students room to breathe, relax and socialise between classes. The vibrant colours and imaginative murals have created an atmosphere that will encourage LILA* students to love to learn’.

The room has a state-of-the-art surround sound audio system along with a 65” smart television with access to Netflix and Karaoke for students to enjoy whilst they are between lessons.

The initial feedback to the new area has been incredible.  Stacey McGee, International Sales Manager said: “We noticed an increase in students from the junior market so wanted to create a space dedicated to them. Strawberry Fields will enable them to enjoy their free time at the school. The space will predominantly be used by junior students in the summer as a canteen and for activities but will then be available all year round for our adult students and closed groups to enjoy. We are absolutely thrilled with the unique design throughout the space and hope students fall in love with Strawberry Fields as much as we have”.

LILA* continues to create a positive, happy environment for their students. That is why so many students love to learn with LILA*

If you would like to know more about the brand new social space at LILA*, then please do not hesitate to contact them on [email protected]

For all media enquiries, please contact [email protected]


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