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Promotion of the best brands in international education, their programmes, study locations and local culture

How we help you

LV Membership provides consistent extra marketing support through content creation and brand promotion to engage with thousands of potential students via the LV promotional networks and member channels.

Showcase your Institution

Showcase your business across the LV networks, using profiles created by LV, to promote your business from an independent perspective.

Our promotional networks are available in multiple languages for better engagement, and also indexed by search engines in several languages for maximum member organic reach.

The networks include a ‘Quoting Tool which will help to generate more leads than ever.


Monthly Pageviews


Monthly Unique Visits


Monthly Generated Leads
Learn English In

Social Media Channels

The Learn English In and Summer Schools In networks will increase brand exposure to an ever-growing audience of students with study-abroad aspirations.

As our member, we will promote your business, your location and your programmes via our social media channels.


Audience Size


Social Media Channels


Monthly Generated Content

Content Creation

Bespoke content is created about your institution, underpinned by an ongoing SEO strategy for the Learn English In and Summer Schools In networks.

Creation of SEO-considered content for your own use on blogs/news that can also be segmented for use on your social media and encourage external link building.

Social Media Posts

Your own blog or website

External Link Building


We will also re-invest a % of your annual membership fee for a paid online campaign on your behalf. *

Campaigns will be created with lead generation as a focus, via Google Ads and/or Social Media Ads created by LV and multi-language where needed.

Campaigning includes Strategic Campaign Planning according to your needs, Landing Page and Campaign Creation, E-mail Marketing, Re-marketing and Reporting.

* Comprises of up to 10% of membership fee

What’s included

Membership Details

Learn English In & Summer Schools In

  • Profile Page with links to website and social media.
  • Quoting Tool (where students can request a quote directly from you).
  • 4 Comprehensive Articles, SEO-strategic, with internal (member profile) and external (member website) links.
  • Neural translation into 8 languages, custom URL, indexed by Search Engines.

Social Media

  • Posts on all LEI and SSI social media.
  • All articles posted on the platforms and available for members websites
  • Any extra relevant news/information from the member *Subject to content review/approval.


  • 4 X 800+ word comprehensive SEO-strategic articles.
  • SEO Pre-analysis for each article including key phrase research and topic suggestions.
  • Articles are built and sent in a format for members to make the most of the content. We will offer guidance on how to post content on your blog/news, and how to extract snippets for the creation of social media posts, video content, and more.


  • Bespoke Online Paid Campaign.
  • Campaign Landing Page built by LV Media Hub.
  • Google/Social Media Ads according to campaign needs, targeted at specific audiences with a lead generation goal.
  • E-mail Marketing to thousands of potential students.


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