Proposal prepared for Language UK by LV Media Hub

The Brief

  • Language UK requires an effective social media marketing strategy for building awareness and building an audience across multi-channels through promotion of the city of Canterbury and the Language UK brand.
  • Language UK will focus on the adult international education market (as opposed to the summer junior market).
  • Language UK must position its business correctly to take advantage of fewer post-Covid competitors in the city.
  • Language Uk seeks a partner to put the defined strategy into action with clearly defined processes, requirements of Language UK staff and to provide consistent strategy performance data.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Confirmation of Language UK Business Goals
  • Detailing of Marketing Objectives
    • Most important metrics
    • Method for simple reporting
  • Review of Ideal Customers/Target audience/Target Markets research
    • Audience persona
    • Market Intelligence
  • Competitor Research
    • What are Top 3 competitors achieving on social channels and positioning for matching/improving on this
  • Channels and Tactics
    • Suggestion for channels and tactics per channel
  • Content Strategy
    • Production of 6-month Social Media Calendar
    • Posting schedule
    • Content mix (including collation of Language UK team content suggestions)
  • Budget Requirements
  • Resources for success
  • Confirmation of necessary roles and responsibilities
  • Includes the set-up/review of the social media channels (account creation, description, etc)

Inbound Marketing Strategy & Execution

Content Creation

Online content is the most effective way to increase online traffic, engagement and generate leads. We will create and manage a multi-channel strategy for your digital student recruitment.

With our help, your business will be in a better position to understand engagement across your complete online ecosystem.

  • SEO Blog Style Articles
    Comprehensive & engaging 1500+ word blog article content
    3 articles / month
  • Images
    High-quality images for each article or social media posts
    4 images / article 
  • Content Calendar
    Content suggestions for domestic and international markets throughout the sales funnel
  • Reporting
    Comprehensive analysis and reporting of content performance

Multi-language Add-on

  • Blog Style Articles
    Comprehensive & engaging 1500+ word blog article multi-language content
    3 articles / month / language
  • Images
    High-quality images for each article or social media posts
    4 images / article

Landing Pages

Bespoke landing pages optimized for conversion. Engagement with potential students, increased brand awareness and lead generation as part of the student recruitment campaigning or content strategy.

  • Landing Pages
    Hosted customized landing pages optimized for conversion
    Up to 2 LPs / month

Multi-language Add-on

  • Landing Pages
    Landing Page Creation (1 language)
    Up to 2 LPs / month

Social Media Management

Social Media Channels Content Management

We can assess the performance of your existing social activity and assist in the management of your social media channels, creating bespoke content and assessing engagement.

  • Social Media Posts (up to 2 channels i.e. Facebook and Instagram)
    Posts related to the article content created 
    2 posts / week / channel
  • Reporting
    Comprehensive analysis and reporting of content performance 
    1 / month 

Multi-language Add-on

  • Social Media Posts
    Posts related to the article content created
    2 posts / week / channel / language

Social Media Ads

We will identify students who are interested, engage effectively with them and achieve marketing or lead generation goals.

  • Social Media Ads
    Campaign strategy and set-up, ad copy, images and ongoing performance analysis using the content produced above.
    As required


Video Editing for Social Media

  • Simple video editing for social media
    It includes insertion of video opener and logo
    Up to 3 ratios: 16×9, 9×16, 1×1
  • 3 videos / month
  • All raw video/image footage to be provided by the client.

Resources required

Marketing Automation Software

Resource Value Proposition:

  • Unlimited Email sending
  • Email Sequences – automatic email sequences
  • Landing Pages and Pop-ups – For capture of lead contact information with personalized offer pages and pop-ups
  • Import Contacts – Importing of contact lists to communicate via email
  • WhatsApp button – Ability to insert a WhatsApp button on your website, respond to your visitors faster and capture their contact information
  • Social Media Post management – Simple scheduling and management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Monitor the ranking of your website or blog in search engines for the main keywords of your business
  • Funnel and Channel Analysis – Analyze the results of marketing campaigns in a unified way. Understand which channels bring the most visits, leads and customers over time
  • Advanced Automation – Create an automatic sequence of actions, save time and deliver the right message at the right time to the right people
  • 180+ Segmentation criteria – Create specific segmentations based on pre-existing ACP leads 
  • Automatic Qualification of Contacts – Record and score actions that leads perform on the ACP website, to approach only the contacts that are most prepared for the sale.


  • USD 3,228.00/year (USD 269.00/month) (1 year contract) for up to 5k contacts
  • Upfront payment – 10% discount USD 2,905.20 or 3 X USD 968.40
  • Free setup
  • * Cost can vary according to currency exchange rate

Hotsite Creation, Management & Hosting (Landing Pages)

Ex: or or es (for translations)

  • CMS WordPress
  • Hosting in high performance server
  • Tracking tools (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Linkedin Pixel)
  • Integration with marketing automation tool
  • Premium plugins for security (firewall), SEO and full backup

Investment Summary

Service Price Terms
Social Media Marketing Strategy £ 2.000.00
Inbound Marketing Strategy & Execution £ 900.00 / month Initial 6-month contract
Social Media Management £ 900.00 / month Initial 6-month contract
Video Editing £ 300.00 / month
Hotsite Creation, Management & Hosting £ 200.00 / month Initial 6-month contract
Total £ 2,300.00 + VAT / month + £2,000.00 + VAT (Social Media Marketing Strategy)
Marketing Automation Tool USD 269.00/month (USD 3,228.00/year) 1 year contract
Multi-language Add-on Upon request based on required language

Package Price

Service Price Terms
Package Price £ 1,950.00 + VAT / month + £2,000.00 + VAT (Social Media Marketing Strategy) Initial 6-month contract
Marketing Automation Tool USD 269.00/month (USD 3,228.00/year) 1 year contract

Proposal valid until 21st May 2021

Many thanks on behalf of the LV Media Hub team for the opportunity to be involved.
Luke Simmons | Managing Director
LV Media Hub


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