Make your communications smarter.
Be open 24/7. Generate leads.

Meet the LV Educational Chatbot: a set of AI-driven tools that automate communication, engage students, and make customer service teams better, faster, stronger.

There has never been a more important time to engage with potential students online. Be available. Be impressive.

Why is it different to other chatbots?
The LV Educational Chatbot comes with an educational 'Knowledge Base' meaning that the bot comes pre-trained with industry-specific understanding.

Better online engagement

24/7 customer service

Build brand awareness

Gather Information

Save staff time

AI-driven improved automation

Lead generation

Don’t miss an opportunity. Create one instead!
Use the real-time communication channels and easily acquire new students. The LV Educational Chatbot is the right tool for collecting leads. You can engage your sales agents in the process or fully automate it.

Understand your customers

Increased lead generation

Full ‘Live Chat’ facility

What the LV Educational Chatbot will do for you

Better Engagement
Automate quick, accurate, personalised engagement to common questions (multi-language)
Lead Generation
Increase your engagement with student worldwide 24/7 and deliver your key messages and materials
Augmented staff activity
Support your sales teams better using ‘Live Chat’ or as the chatbot answers more student questions.
Build Brand Awareness
Foster positive customer experiences on your website, Messenger etc
Offer 24/7 Customer Service
Always be available, regardless of time zones.
Gather information
Use surveys and review to know what is important to students.
Control cost
Simple monthly plan with clear reporting. Cheaper than additional sales staff.
Constant improvement
Our AI algorithms continually improve your engagement with potential students online over time.

Try for free

We are offering 10 educators the chance of a free 4-week trial.
LV will manage the set-up
LV will create your chatbot responses
LV will provide reports to detail chatbot usage
Trials are free and without obligation
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