AI is changing the customer service journey

Transform your customer relationships using custom-built AI technology specific for international education.

Be available for engagement with students 24/7. Improve customer service through automation. Generate more leads.

Introducing the LV Virtual Agent

Most of potential student questions online are repetitive and time-consuming.

Automation can offer immediate responses 24/7, regardless of the language used.

Give your staff more time to answer more difficult requests and support your agent partners.

Better online engagement & website authority

Instant 24/7 multi-language customer service

Build brand awareness & gather information

Full Live Chat facility or integration with existing tech

Chatbot pre-trained to respond to hundreds of common questions

Continual AI-driven learning for accurate engagement

Lead generation

Don’t miss an opportunity. Create one instead!

Use the real-time communication channels and easily communicate with potential new students. The LV Virtual Agent is the right tool for instant engagement and generating leads.

Capture & analyse data

Automate over 80% of repetitive enquiries

Connect with more potential students, faster

Reduce costs

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Understand how a virtual agent can help your education business
Full dashboard to analyse results
Pre-trained international education with ongoing AI-learning
Give staff time for your agent partners or students further down the buyer journey
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