Do what’s meaningful, automate the rest.
Use AI technology. Be open 24/7. Generate leads.

Introducing the LV Educational Chatbot

Most of potential student questions online are repetitive and time-consuming. Automation can offer immediate responses 24/7, regardless of the language used. Give your staff more time to answer more difficult requests and support your agent partners.

There has never been a more important time to engage with potential students online. Be available. Be impressive. Automate instant communication, engage with more students and make your sales teams more effective
Available in multi-language, so you can engage with students in their own language
Why is it different to other chatbots?
The LV Educational Chatbot comes with an educational ‘Knowledge Base’ meaning that the bot comes pre-trained with industry-specific understanding.
Respond immediately, 24/7 to potential students
Automate continual student communication with personalised, engaging, visual responses all day, every day, to compliment ‘Live Chat’ during working hours.
Automate simple questions & answers
Allow the chatbot to deal with common, repetitive questions like ‘Tell me your course options?’ or ‘Do you have a Cafe?’. Have your staff working on more important tasks.
Automate specific questions about your products or services
Delivering key information and marketing collateral instantly. Respond when closed for business to ‘Can I study an IELTS course?’ with an answer, link to web page and provide a form for lead generation.
Speak the language of your visitors
Greet potential students in their own language depending on their browser language settings, or respond in their language when questions in non-English are received.
Engagement Modules
As well as pre-trained AI-driven knowledge and full ‘Live Chat’, you can use quizzes, surveys and many more to improve engagement and generate leads.
Use the LV Chatbot to generate leads
Ask for the visitor details at key times and generate leads. Automaticaly send new leads to your CRM or email inbox.
The knowledgebase
Start using the only Chatbot pre-trained for International Education.
Create engaging answers that deliver key marketing materials and capture leads
100% control to deliver image-rich or copy-rich responses, links to appropriate web pages and videos, and to generate leads.

Better online engagement & website authority

Instant 24/7 multi-language customer service

Build brand awareness & gather information

Full Live Chat facility or integration with existing tech

Chatbot pre-trained to respond to over 200 common questions

Continual AI-driven learning for accurate engagement

Lead generation

Don’t miss an opportunity. Create one instead!

Use the real-time communication channels and easily communicate with potential new students. The LV Educational Chatbot is the right tool for instant engagement and collecting leads. Involve your sales team via Live Chat or fully automate it.

Use the chatbot to capture potential students details

Automate 80% of common, repetitive enquiries

Use ‘Live Chat’ or integrate with your existing system

If you need the following, please contact us now for a brief demo

Better Engagement
Automate quick, accurate, personalised engagement to common questions (multi-language)
Lead Generation

Increase your engagement 24/7, deliver key messages and capture potential leads

Augmented Staff Activity

Support your sales teams better using ‘Live Chat’ or as the chatbot answers more student questions.

Increased Brand Awareness & Improved Website Authority

Foster positive customer experiences on your website, Messenger etc. Reduce bounce rates.

24/7 Customer Service Worldwide

Always be available, regardless of time zones.

More Ways to Gather Information

Use ‘Engagement Modules’ to know what is important to students and create leads.

Total Cost Control

Simple monthly plan with clear reporting. Cheaper than additional sales staff.

Performance Guarantees

AI-tech which continually improves your engagement with potential students online over time.

Try for free

We are offering educators the chance of a free 3-week trial starting in 2020

LV will manage the set-up
LV will help to create your chatbot responses
Full workspace for users to analyse usage and review conversations
Trials are free and without obligation
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