Give potential students reasons to study at your location and institution

It’s as simple as that! The LV Media Services Package will get your business started in producing and promoting engaging online content to give potential students reasons to study at your location or use your services.

Do you already produce content about your services and promote it online? Don’t worry, we have a package to suit your needs and improve what you are already doing.

Content for Educational Businesses

Full-service management of online content creation, social media posting, link building and traffic generation. From £25/month.

For schools, colleges, universities and service providers within the international education sector.

Trusted by the best organizations of all sizes in international education.

LV Media is proud to be a leader in providing key marketing services for the international education sector.

Online content creation, social media engagement, website organic & paid traffic, lead generation and conversion into bookings

How do you do all that? Is it hard to find the time?

What do you write about? Where do you post content you do create? What is the best format? How do I get potential students to see it? …and what is SEO?! Even if I know all that… does my team usually have time to do it?

The LV Media Services Package is the perfect combination of different LV Media services to get you started on improving your online presence.

For K-12 and language schools, colleges and universities within the international education sector.

Packages in Detail

It’s the perfect combination of our Content Creation and Social Media Management Services

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Online Content Creation

Comprehensive & engaging 1.000+ word blog article content about your services and location.

Articles consider focus keywords with relevant volume for your target markets, and encourage external link building. Have a pro SEO analysis all content created by us.

We will select images, format and post articles directly onto your blog so you won’t have to do anything.

No current blog on your website? Don’t worry, we will build and host one at no extra cost if required.

See a Sample Article
Social Media Posting

From copy and image selection to the actual posting of content on your social media channels, LV will do all the work for you.

The posts will drive potential student traffic to your own website.

We can also boost posts on your behalf to maximize reach to a specific targeted market.


Showcase your business across our networks, Learn English In & Summer Schools In, to promote your business from an independent perspective.

See more traffic to your website and social media channels, and build external links and increase your domain authority.

Our promotional networks are available in multiple languages for better engagement, and also indexed by search engines in several markets for maximum organic reach.

Analytics & Reporting

A simple, easy to understand report monthly in your inbox.

Keep track of the work LV is doing, how your business is growing in the online world, and how many potential students you are reaching. You can also extract from the report great insights and market intelligence to use for your business.

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Learn English In & Summer Schools In
Website SEO Audit
Social Media Audit
Blog Build, Design & Host
Blog in English Only

Multilanguage Blog

Multilanguage Blog
Google Analytics Set-up of Dashboards
Profiles, Goals, KPIs
Set-up of Dashboards
Profiles, Goals, KPIs
Blog Articles 1 X Quarter 1 X Bi-Month 1 X Month
Language Options English 8 languages 8 languages
Social Media Channels 1 2 3
Social Media Posting Biweekly / channel 1 / week / channel 2 / week / channel
Monthly Reports Data Only Data Analysis, Recomendations & Insights Data Analysis, Recomendations & Insights
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Does your business need something specific?

We can create a bespoke package to deliver whatever you need. Whether it’s extra blog articles, content in additional languages, different forms of content or increases in social media activity.