Online Clinic | For your website, social media channels and online marketing performance

What is it for?

We will assess your current website, social media channels and online marketing performance and recommend where and how to improve.

Websites should be constantly reviewed and updated, your content schedule and content choices should be evaluated, and an SEO strategy should be in place and developed over time to get the most traffic.

People need to find you online to consider your portfolio.

Online Clinic

What we do

We can help you by completing a basic audit of both your website optimisation, your media content strategy and your social media activity. Our aim is to simply steer you in the right direction in an affordable way.

LV reports will give you some key ideas to put into place, but of course LV can also put these into action for you with our bespoke content packages should you need us to at any time.

SEO work takes time and money, but why not make a start now. We recognise that Google algorithms change over time as do keywords that might be less popular but more relevant for education. Having initial support to help you consider your online activity and SEO can save you time and money and get you on the right track to improve your search engine ranking over time.

Online Clinic Package | From £449*

* For small single site/single country schools

Stage 1 | Website and Social Media Audits

Here, we will have the chance to review your current website and social media channels.

Website Audit

A general overview of how you currently use your website and its performance in terms of technology, speed, SEO and other metrics.

Social Media Audit

A general overview of how you currently use your social media channels and their performance, including channel options, content, engagement.

Stage 2 | Online Clinic

Practical and tangible recommendations to improve your online performance. A full report explained in detail over a 1 hour interactive online call.


  • Website functionality suggestions
  • User Experience Improvement
  • Site Architecture Review
  • Google Analytics Overview


    • Keyword Profiling (up to 15 keywords)
    • Guided optimisation of Home Page + 2 extra pages
    • SEO best practices

      Social Media

      • Best practices for each social media channel
      • Social media pixels and analytics
      • Content ideas for international education

        There is no better time than now to assess the effectiveness of your brand marketing via your website and social channels. If you haven’t reviewed your website performance recently, or find your social channels stagnating, then why not let us help with a simple clinic to assess where you are now and make simple and practical suggestions for improvement.

        Our ‘Online Clinics’ are quick, affordable and can steer you in the right direction for better engagement online before and when the world starts traveling again.

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