Student Insurance in Ireland – Study & Protect sign exclusive partnership with V1 Media Group for insurance services in Ireland


V1 Media Group are proud to announce an exclusive agreement with Irish student insurance specialists Study & Protect to promote their policies to any students wanting to learn English in Ireland. We recently discussed how Study & Protect can help students who choose to study in Ireland with their Business Development Manager, Chris Anako.

Luke (V1MG): How important is it for Study & Protect to connect with more and more students online?

Chris (S&P): All Study & Protect Medicover policies are available to purchase on our dedicated website, Students can log on and purchase their policy and receive their policy documents in a matter of minutes. There is no delay between when the student makes the application for their Medicover policy and when they are accepted and receive their policy documentation.

Study & Protect is always looking for ways to improve our connection and communication with potential students and their parents/carers.

Luke (V1MG): Why have Study & Protect formed an exclusive partnership with V1 Media Group in Ireland?

Chris (S&P): We believe that as V1 Media Group creates a larger and larger audience via the expanding LearnEnglishIn network, we will have the perfect opportunity to connect with more and more students who are interested in language travel to Ireland.

We are also happy to be featured in articles regarding student insurance that will be aimed at students with language travel aspirations, and agents that help them to achieve this.

Our exclusive partnership gives us an even greater platform on which to explain our student medicover policies. Content created by V1 Media Group will help us to explain the benefits and connect with more potential policy holders and their parents/carers throughout the year.

Luke (V1MG): How do Study & Protect see the exclusive V1 Media Group partnership for insurance for students studying in Ireland developing in 2019?

Chris (S&P): We are excited that V1 Media Group are providing an additional marketing process for us, and at the possibility of being featured in student communications and potentially to be part of a V1 Media Group social media ‘Influencer Tour’.

For any information with regards to Study & Protect student medicover please contact Chris at [email protected]

This agreement continues the work of V1 Media Group to promote any business involved in international education to our ever-growing student audience and also to potentially link Study & Protect with any members who do not already use their services.


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