Testimonial from BLI in South Africa


Working with V1 Media Group

“I’m the co-owner of a small (some would call it micro) language school in South Africa. Because we’re in a somewhat out-of-the-way destination, Port Elizabeth, recruiting students isn’t always easy. We know our home is an amazing language study location – probably one of the best in South Africa for combining English studies with wildlife viewing and adventure – but few know about it.

We’ve worked with a number of marketing organisations in the past; few of them have delivered in the way V1 has. Some generate literally hundreds of leads, but all too often those leads are unqualified, and rarely turn into sales. With V1 our experience is quite different; we’ve had fewer inquiries, but so far the conversion rate is at around 30%. We always get a personal email from the client services director detailing the lead. And she doesn’t just leave it there, but follows up on progress. Just recently we confirmed a booking from Mexico (our first), based on a V1 lead, and we’re eagerly awaiting our new student’s arrival.

I’ve known some of the people at V1 for quite some time; they are reliable, creative people with a passion for our industry. They get things done, and so far they’ve delivered on their promises. I fully expect that to continue.”

Shaun Fitzhenry



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