What should your content marketing strategy include?


Before we jump into content marketing strategies, we’d like you to reflect on a couple of questions which should be taken seriously:

  1. Do you have a marketing strategy?
  2. Do you have a presence on social media?
  3. Do you know who the viewers of your pages are?
  4. Do you prepare content which is relevant to them?

If the answers to any of these questions are No or Not really, then you should take a step back and re-think your overall business strategy. In 2019 and beyond, online and content marketing should be a big part of your strategy. To have good online marketing, you need content…Here are some tips which can help you get started:

Know your goals:

Do you want to increase brand awareness? Do you want to increase engagement with potential students or agents? Yes, increasing sales and getting leads could be the main goal, but do not only build content around that idea. People will get tired of reading about offers, prices, unique selling points and various other sales pitches you may subtly (or not-so-subtly) try to include in your posts.

Know your audience:

Understand who is viewing your content on your website and social channels. Also know who you want to reach. Is it students only, is it agents as well? It is possible to reach both audiences on one channel. You just need to make it very clear who the particular content is for. You also need to be consistent. It’s a waste of time to have 5 posts aimed at students, then suddenly you remember that you haven’t targeted agents in a while and create something to clear your conscience. Try to post something on a regular basis for both audiences.

Know how to show the real picture:

Audiences in 2019 are very much aware of what stock photography or poor-quality images look like. Good quality and real images and videos are much more appreciated and engaged with. Ask teachers to encourage photos in the classroom, take live videos and use pictures of real students. Of course, it’s always important to have permission to share this content, but once you get it, the results of your strategy will be so much better!

Know how to tell stories:

Storytelling is key. Student experiences, such as how you solved their concerns when they joined your school, for example, work really well. Explaining courses through the teacher’s or students’ eyes, or even sharing what goals your students achieved due to studying with you…all of these will resonate so much more with your audience and potential students!

Content is, and will remain, King. Our digital world provides one large platform where everyone can find the information they need. If your school is not placing interesting and engaging content online, then you are simply giving your slice of this huge cake to someone who is.

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